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Litigation and Dispute Resolution

xperience includes the representation and, as necessary, internal investigation of corporate clients as well as individuals, in anticipation of and in response to governmental investigations, the litigation of criminal proceedings, the negotiation of immunities from public prosecution, and the litigation and trial of complex criminal proceedings from arraignment through to verdict, sentencing proceedings and/or appeals. We have advised clients on several aspects of civil and criminal proceedings including securities, insider trading, white collar crimes, economic offenses and general criminal and civil claims.To consult one of our Criminal Lawyers in Dubai or to obtain advice from our team of Criminal Lawyers in Abu Dhabi or other offices across UAE, please get in touch with us.

We employ sophisticated electronic systems and databases and make use of extensive paralegal resources to achieve significant efficiencies for our clients. We work with our clients to adopt the most appropriate course of action. Where litigation is unavoidable we pursue it rigorously and efficiently.

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