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Litigation and Dispute Resolution

In a typically complex, high-value litigation matter, a law firm's ability to manage, review and present the extraordinary quantity of information at issue is critically important. Our broad experience permits us to provide the best possible advice across almost any and every issue that can arise in civil or criminal law suits.

Our team of seasoned experts (including our specialized division comprising of highly experienced criminal lawyers and advocates) handle diverse litigation matters. Our litigation practice covers commercial transactions, construction and real estate disputes, energy, business matters, criminal law matters (including prosecution and trial), banking and insurance, shipping and maritime as well as franchise litigation. We recognise our clients’ needs and work towards resolving the issues.

We advise our clients that entering into adversarial litigation is not always the most appropriate manner in which to resolve a dispute. We approach litigation in a pragmatic way and encourage our clients to do likewise,focusing on sensible and achievable outcomes. We make our clients aware of the alternatives to litigation and advise them to consider the impact that potentially costly and protracted litigation would have on their business and personal life.

Our lawyers have a range of methods for resolving these disputes, whether in companies, partnerships or private or public sectors. We help many major businesses by managing their disputes and protecting their rights. We are passionate about resolving our clients’ concerns and we ensure that the most effective and time-efficient solutions are adopted.


Over recent years, we have witnessed an increased interest by businesses in arbitration. Most contracts routinely provide for arbitration as a means to resolve disputes between the parties. It goes without saying that arbitration has several advantages over the traditional court system in many cases.

Our firm has a dedicated team that practices arbitration. Our approach to arbitration is special and unique. We strongly believe that ‘good is not enough’. Our team allocates considerable time in researching a client’s background, the matter in hand and the status of the parties involved prior to taking any step forward. At the same time, we understand that time is of the essence and the right steps and action must be taken to ensure the client’s interests are protected. We represent banks and financial institutions on a wide range of issues. We also represent owners, contractors, sub-contractors, architects, engineering firms and sureties. We have also been involved in franchise litigation and handled arbitration matters overseas.

Our attorneys are qualified, trained and experienced in handling arbitration matters domestically as well as internationally.

Banking Litigation

Our firm lawyers have a great deal of understanding and experience of business customs and traditions. Our attorneys provide incisive and detailed advice on almost all types of domestic banking litigation. We handle debt recovery matters, disputes relating to frauds, disputes relating to letters of credit, money laundering crimes and commercial litigation.

We advise troubled asset based lending institutions with strategies that are founded on our experience of many years, dealing with liquidations, bankruptcies events, lender liability issues, troubled finances, force-majeure events and so on. We evaluate fraudulent transfers, criminal law related matters, priority and other collateral and credit issues, structure credit facilities and negotiate collateral documents. Occasionally we will represent borrowers or guarantors in the negotiation and documentation of commercial loans.

Insurance Litigation

We have an extensive knowledge of insurance litigation and help to protect our clients against financial loss, which is an area of expertise we place at the forefront of our law practice. Our experienced attorneys represent clients on matters relating to product and general liability, financial products, policy drafting, disputes pertaining to insurance and reinsurance coverage, claims handling, monitoring and handling complex insurance-related litigation.

Franchise litigation

We advise franchise and distribution companies in franchise termination, litigation arising out of franchise agreement disputes,, trade name and trademark infringement, product liability, securities, employment, system standards enforcement, collection of system royalties and other fees, taxation, non-compete aspects and alternative dispute resolution.

Commercial Litigation

We handle commercial litigation cases which often involve contract disputes and commercial claims, franchise and distribution, commercial lending disputes, business and civil tort-related disputes, bankruptcy and recovery of outstanding dues. In each matter our clients are assigned dedicated attorneys who are highly qualified and experienced, and who act as the primary contact for coordinating a responsive team built to deliver winning results.

Our experience includes the representation and, as necessary, internal investigation of corporate clients as well as individuals, in anticipation of and in response to governmental investigations, the litigation of criminal proceedings, the negotiation of immunities from public prosecution, and the litigation and trial of complex criminal proceedings from arraignment through to verdict, sentencing proceedings and/or appeals. We have advised clients on several aspects of civil and criminal proceedings including securities, insider trading, white collar crimes, economic offenses and general criminal and civil claims.To consult one of our Criminal Lawyers in Dubai or to obtain advice from our team of Criminal Lawyers in Abu Dhabi or other offices across UAE, please get in touch with us.

We employ sophisticated electronic systems and databases and make use of extensive paralegal resources to achieve significant efficiencies for our clients. We work with our clients to adopt the most appropriate course of action. Where litigation is unavoidable we pursue it rigorously and efficiently.

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