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Our lawyers have expertise in many areas of the hospitality industry. We recognize that the hospitality industry faces challenges in today’s environment, so our team are there to advise and represent companies in matters including inbound and outbound tourism, real estate, hotels, clubs, restaurant and bars and all other areas of hospitality throughout the GCC.

We ensure that our client’s interests are protected at all times and work with our clients towards resolving the issues which can arise in the following areas:

  • third party liabilities
  • premise liabilities
  • product liability
  • insurance disputes
  • employment disputes
  • constructions disputes
  • security liability
  • landlord tenant disputes, and
  • real estate conflicts

In the past we have advised on numerous projects including:

  • hotels and condominiums
  • timeshare and fractional projects
  • real estate investments and
  • Dubai Strata law

Mergers and acquisitions are a major part of the hospitality industry and disputes can happen at any time. We are there to give practical advice to our clients to protect their interests.

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