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Employment Law Advice in UAE

Employment Law

Today's competitive business environment calls for the successful management of cordial workplace relations, and this has an influence on a company’s reputation and performance. Sound employment policies and procedures are important for every organization operating within the United Arab Emirates (including the freezones) so as to avoid potential pitfalls and resulting adverse publicity.

Within the United Arab Emirates, we advise all corporate and commercial companies on employment matters. We provide our clients with practical responses to the evolving world of new legislation, case law and regulatory changes. We advise on a wide range of contentious and non-contentious employment matters in UAE law as well as DIFC Law. Our services include:

Data Protection

Our attorneys can provide legal and procedural advice on data protection laws throughout the UAE (including DIFC) to ensure that all personal data (any information relating to an identifiable natural person) and sensitive personal data is treated fairly, lawfully and securely when it is stored, processed, used or disclosed.

Our lawyers are trained in this field of expertise and can guide employers against internal organisational and workforce-related risks which may otherwise give rise to disputes and dismissals.

Company Procedures

We advise on company procedures and best employment practices, including safety policies for the workplace, that employers need to observe for a safe working environment. We understand that in order to give the best legal advice much depends on the organisation's business objectives. Accordingly, our attorneys place great importance on understanding our client’s business and business objective in order to advise on a sound course of action.

Employment Contracts

Our employment practice extends to the drafting, vetting and reviewing of employment contracts. Our employment contracts take into account your business objectives, the nature of your industry and the nature of the position being offered, taking care and caution in order to give you peace of mind. Our employment contracts are tailor-made to suit your precise requirements and our attorneys take the proper and necessary time to understand these aspects prior to drafting any contracts.


Our lawyers are able to help and advise companies on the non-competition provisions incorporated in employment contracts or ancillary documents signed by an employee.

Our lawyers are trained to advise companies on Non-compete clauses – namely clauses pursuant to legislation entitling companies to put provisions in place preventing employees from working for a competitor upon termination of their employment, or having any business dealings with the employer’s clients or prospective clients, or soliciting or enticing away clients and employees of the employer.


Our lawyers have the expert knowledge required to deliver the necessary legal framework which balances the general employment law.

The DIFC has an independent set of laws that provide a legal and procedural structure to ensure all personal and sensitive data in the DIFC is kept secure, and that those employers treat their employees fairly and lawfully.

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