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In today’s competitive market, success is very challenging to multinational companies who take caution in everything they do. Whether you are incorporating a business network or a closely- held family enterprise, the enforcement environment is ever- changing and you cannot assume that you know the new landscape. Our firm provides the relevant corporate advice to clients, most of whom are from distinct backgrounds, industry sectors and a variety of businesses.

Our extensive knowledge of corporate and commercial laws at a global level has allowed us to structure companies and organizations, which in turn has assisted our clients in making their presence felt in the competitive market. Our attorneys are trained to help and assist new entities by defining and structuring the form of business, drafting necessary documents and preparing agreements for ownership. Our attorneys advise on setting up new businesses, registering limited liabilities companies and free zone companies in Dubai and the wider UAE. The ambit of our practice encompasses all matters of corporate governance and corporate restructuring.

Our corporate practice extends to a wide range of industries including:

  • Banking
  • Construction
  • Aviation
  • Energy
  • Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG)
  • Insurance sector
  • Healthcare
  • Information technology
  • Mobile devices
  • Technology
  • Textiles
  • Telecommunications
  • Investment banking
  • Underwriting firms

Our corporate advisory covers and includes advising on operational arrangements, strategic alliances, joint venture and other models of corporate relationship.We have vast experience in arrangements such as code sharing, frequent flyer programs and policies, e-commerce and business to business models, ground- handling, maintenance and operational arrangements, fuel supply and intellectual property. We also handle and negotiate settlement and restructuring agreements, and give advice on bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings.

Extensive legal exposure to variant industry sectors equips us with a better understanding and innovative approach to complex legal matters.

Our range of services includes:

  • Advising on local statute laws including DIFC, UAE Commercial Companies Law, shareholder governance and dispute resolution;
  • advising on board and committee structure and composition, rights and liabilities of company directors including oversight and fiduciary duties, code of ethics, indemnity and related aspects;
  • advising on legislative, regulatory or policy initiatives affecting governance and liability, including regulatory changes;
  • providing advice on management of share capital including the transfer of shares, conversion of capitals and other related assistance;
  • advising on all forms of company incorporation and structuring in accordance with the prevailing laws of the Middle East and related jurisdictions;
  • advising on contentious shareholders disputes and termination of shareholders agreements; and
  • developing and maintaining crisis-avoidance strategies.
Mergers and Reorganizations

Our firm partners have a wealth of knowledge and experience in counselling clients in business acquisitions and dispositions.

Our corporate and commercial practice extends to the mergers and reorganization of corporate entities.

Our team’s expertise in different sectors of industry makes us better equipped to deal with matters of mergers and reorganization. Certain industry practices require a strategic and a careful approach, to improve control of the business.

From a long term perspective, we advise our clients on matters of reconstruction. Such clients include accountancy practices, consultancy companies and real estate corporations. We regularly advise clients on company reorganization and listing, and have experience in matters of conversion from privately owned to listed companies. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of the buyer as well as the seller. By taking the value of the corporate entity into consideration, we understand the nature of the body that is being acquired or sold by performing thorough, extensive due diligence and recognizing the aims of our client.

Our clients appreciate the depth of our knowledge and the way in which this can contribute to the growth and development of their businesses.

We offer a dedicated team of attorneys and qualifed solicitors with the ability to handle complex legal issues promptly and effectively in matters including, but not limited to, IPOs, joint ventures, tax matters, intellectual property and litigation. We have advised several private placements and private equity deals for both issuers and investors throughout the United Arab Emirates.

Joint Ventures

Our lawyers are proficient in all matters relating to joint venture and corporate alliances which usually requires an in- depth study of the proposals and carrying out compliance checks. Our firm attorneys understand the clinical ties of such transactions and ensure all requirements are met before the execution of such business arrangements between the parties.

Our attorneys take into consideration all aspects of the contractual liabilities that arise in joint venture transactions. The basis of a successful strategic alliance and/or joint venture lies in appropriate structuring and further ensuring that all objectives are realised and ambiguities are clarified to the best possible extent.

At Our firm, we expect our lawyers to have a mutual and cooperative involvement when dealing with clients in the finalization of joint ventures. We ensure that proper due diligence forms the basis of such transactions, and include in our scope of work the different aspects relating to financing, licensing, market study and research. Our reputation on strategic advice to our clients is unparalleled and our clients rely on our expertise.

Joint ventures and strategic alliances often call for cross border negotiations, research and comprehensive due diligence. As our client’s attorneys, we ensure that the scope of work is well covered at our end.

Corporate Recovery and Insolvency

Our lawyers in Dubai and across our offices in the UAE are experienced in handling corporate recovery and insolvency cases and we know, that at times of economic difficulties business is very uncertain. If a company does run into financial difficulties we will examine the concerns discreetly and make clients aware of the problems. We will provide advice wherever possible by rescuing and restructuring a company to help it return to profitability. Our approach is careful and wherever possible, we work towards mutually agreeable solutions.

Our lawyers have a range of methods for resolving these issues and have proven experience in assisting businesses from large multi-national companies, to small businesses, consist of partnerships, company directors, insolvency practitioners, banks, administrators, liquidators, and shareholders. We deal with all sorts of intricate structures within our firm and ensure that the client’s needs are met with efficiency and promptly.

The team works closely with other lawyers and advisers who will come with a pragmatic solution for our clients needs. We provide personalized guidance and a dedicated associate for the relevant matter. Our associates help clients in safeguarding their interests within the region and across the globe. Each practice area is assigned to one of our associates who has the expertise to meet the individual needs and will take the time to meet your specific requirements which will be tailor made to the clients wishes.

Our areas of expertise are:

  • Acquisition and disposal of distressed debt;
  • company voluntary arrangements;
  • corporate advisory;
  • corporate finance;
  • cross border insolvency;
  • director’s duties;
  • debt recovery and enforcement;
  • employee claims;
  • freezing orders and injunctions for the recovery of assets;
  • fraudulent cases;
  • risk analysis; and
  • all types of corporate recovery and insolvency

Our lawyers provide detailed due diligence to clients on corporate recovery and insolvency matters.

Our team of lawyers and solicitors can help clients in safeguarding their interests and in securing the transactions.

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